With the Chrome 2.0 Beta, Google Goes for Silverlight

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With the Chrome 2.0 Beta, Google Goes for Silverlight

The new internet browser developed by Google is out with its 2.0 beta version. The new version makes Google’s partnership with Microsoft look somewhat tenuous. Google Chrome will run on Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and eventually Linux. There is also a version for Mac OS X. Developers can test the browser on the Internet without an installation. If you decide to give it a try, you can browse a site that is hosted on Google’s servers and view the page at your own convenience. If the functionality is any good, Google will surely compensate by providing advertising revenues from the various advertising formats that users will be capable to display.

Like other emerging browsers, Google Chrome will also feature various fold improvements. When open, in the address bar, a small Google Chrome logo is displayed. This feature is used to identify the browser when you run the background process. Google is known to have spent $300 million on the development of the browser.

The most evident change is the absence of the Microsoft logo. Google has replaced it with the Google Chrome logo. The sleek-looking logo was designed to give the software a more modern look.

With a newly designed user interface, the software is more convenient to use. To be able to use the familiar tools and features, you only need to type the URL or a keyword and then click on a link that can execute the process.

Some improvements Google Chrome will be making are in the browsing experience, creating tabbed browsing, incremental finding, and Panel mode. These features are user-friendly and easy to combine with the already existing features.

Given that the new browser is still in the beta phase, there are a few things that you cannot expect. One of these is full support for HTML5 standards. The new version is definitely going to make up for lost ground in terms of speed and functionality but HTML5 will still be supported eventually.

HTML5 is the new web standard that adds support for audio and video and other advanced features. It will soon be supported by all the major browsers but Chrome will not be able to use it initially. It was reported that version 0.9 of the browser would not run properly on Linux. When the new version is released, Chrome will become compatible.

Another change is the way cookies work in the new version. They will work differently and won’t store the data on the user’s hard drive. This makes surfing feel more like a personal experience instead of a common automatic process.

grand Graphics will be introduced in Chrome. These improve the quality of photos and make them more presentable. If you use Chrome, you know how much time it takes to navigate to a particular page. These improvements are the stamp on Google Chrome as a future contender to Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome will be the first browser to use built-in antivirus and antispam technology. The unexpected addition will give People the ability to remove cookies without using any other tool. The unexpected addition may put Internet users at risk. Internet users will be forced to get another browser just like Firefox to continue using cookies.

The team at Google seems to be pretty shocked by the disregard of Internet users for such technologies. It is kind of sad that these people choose to work online with cookies only. As the Chrome browser is in beta testing, it can still be improved.

These technologies are going to make the lives of Internet users easier and more convenient. Nobody wants to share his or her personal information with companies. While these services are designed to protect Internet users, some people feel these should remain private and personal.

Internet users want to feel safe online without having to share all personal information about themselves. The new features in Chrome will just make online more fun and interesting. No one has to be afraid of Internet predators anymore. They are just going to have to get one of the many plugins available on the Internet so their Internet experience will be more enjoyable.

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