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2 Effective Ways to Resolve the Windows Media Player Error

The Windows Media Player error or error is commonly known as “Windows Media Player error 10” is a big problem caused by your PC being unable to correctly process the files required to play a certain file/setting on your computer. The errors which this error will show are typically caused by the way in which your computer will try and try to load up a file, but will find that it’s not able to correctly read the settings required to play that file. If you have this error, you generally find that your computer will show the error when you try and use the likes of Microsoft Office, or other advanced programs, causing the error to occur.

The error which this error will normally show is:

The causes of the Windows Media Player error 10 problems are that your computer either has a damaged or corrupted version of the Windows Media Player or will have some sort of installation issues that are preventing your computer from correctly processing the files it needs to run. To fix this problem, you can fix any of the issues/problems which are leading your computer to show the error, which include the likes of having registry errors on your PC, or the likes of having some sort of installation problems on your system.

The way to resolve the Windows Media Player error 10 problem is to first reinstall Microsoft WMP. This is done by clicking onto “Start”, selecting “Control Panel” and then picking “Add / Remove Programs”. This will bring up the “Add / Remove Programs” applet, where you should remove “Windows Media Player” from your PC. After that, restart your PC and then download a replacement version of this program from the Internet.

After doing that, it’s then recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” program to fix any of the errors that the registry may have. The registry is a large database that stores all the files, settings, and options which your computer will be using to run, and is continually being used to help your computer process all the parts of WMP. Despite the registry being used continually to help your computer run smoothly, it’s continually causing a large number of problems thanks to the files & settings it has inside. To ensure that there are no registry errors causing the Windows Media Player error, you should download a registry cleaner program, install it and then let it fix any of the problems your computer may have.

This error will most typically show in this format:

The solution to this error is to ensure that there are no issues with the settings of your PC and to fix the problems that Windows Media Player has inside. This is done by downloading the Windows Media Player upgrade from Microsoft, which will basically upgrade the version of this software program you have installed.

It’s then recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” tool to fix any of the errors that you may have inside the registry database of your PC. This is a large storage database for all the files, settings, and options which Windows computers use to run, and is where your computer will basically keep a lot of important details for your PC. Despite the registry continually being used to help your computer run smoothly, it’s continually causing a large number of problems that can be fixed by using a registry cleaner program. You can download registry cleaners from the Internet, and then using them is just a matter of letting it scan your PC and fixing any of the errors it may have.

Error 1051: The specified port could not be identified. Verify that the specified port is mapped to an available port.

Error 1053: Setup cannot find the required files. Verify that the package exists and its size is smaller than 20 MB.

Error 1053: Setup cannot read the package for this Windows installation. A required component is missing: the package file may be corrupted or missing.

From your Windows Desktop, click Start > click Control Panel > click Add / Remove Programs or Programs and Features.

Scroll through the list of programs and select the one which caused error 1053.

Click on the uninstall / repair button.

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