Expressing How You Want Your Email To Be Treated By The Recipient


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[=] – Delete after reading/X days
Delete after Reading = [Within X Days]: The “Delete after Reading” Privicon requests that the e-mail’s recipient deletes the sender’s e-mail either immediately or within a specified number of days. The Privicon may be represented in two different ways: 
1) [=] Delete after reading; 
2) [=X] Delete after X days.
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[/] – Don’t print

Don’t Print: The “Don’t Print” Privicon asks the recipient not to print the received e-mail. Some senders already do this for environmental reasons. In the privacy context, however, this Privicon means that the e-mail’s sender does not want to risk his e-mail being left at a public printer or otherwise floating around the physical world.
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[X] – Keep private

Keep private: Sometimes we want to share information with someone while keeping that information secret from everyone else. The “Keep private” Privicon asks the recipient not to reveal anything about the e-mail, including information about its sender and its content. To strengthen this request, the sender might also attach another Privicon like  “[/] – Don’t Print” or a “[=] – Delete after Reading/Within X days.”


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