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Marc Alier

Marc Alier is Associate Professor at UPC/Barcelona Tech University where he lectures about History and Ethics in computer Science and Project Management. Since 2003 he does research and development in open source software for education and sustainable development, contributing to several projects such as Alier is director of postgraduate programmes at the UPC School, blogger and podcaster at, photographer amateur and hard rock singer in a cover band. He is starting the Moodbile project that aims to design and develop the missing pieces that will allow the breeding of a ecosystems of mobile extensions for Moodle.

Andreas Braendhaugen

Specializing in interaction design, user interface design and design research, Andreas Braendhaugen has worked with a diverse set of public, private, and academic institutions, most recently Autodesk Inc and Stanford's Woods Institute. He received his MFA degree in product design from Stanford University.

Ryan Calo

Ryan Calo runs the Consumer Privacy Project at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, where he teaches a class on Internet law and researches the intersection of law and technology. He is also involved in, a review website for online and mobile apps focused on privacy, security, and openness. You can follow him on Twitter.

Ethan Forrest

Ethan Forrest is a third year student and Center for Internet and Society Student Fellow at Stanford Law School, where he is also on the board of the Stanford Technology Law Review. Ethan is interested in privacy law, civil liberties, and intellectual property.

Ulrich König

Ulrich is a computer science researcher at the ULD, a data protection authority Germany.

Jan Schallaböck

Jan Schallaböck is a legal researcher at the ULD, a data protection authority in Germany. As such he is assigned to policy research in the European PrimeLife Project and coordinates the European Privacy Open Space. Earlier involvement included various aspects of ICT and society related questions, such Copyright and Internet Governance. Currently he is also (acting) vice-convener of ISO's Working Group on Identity Management and Privacy Technologies. Jan now lives in Berlin most of the time.

Max Senges

Max Senges works in Google's Policy Team in Berlin to liaison and collaborate especially with colleagues from academia and civil society to help develop sound new media policies. He is a knowledge entrepreneur passionately thinking and working on the crossroads between Internet politics, innovation and philosophy of technology. In the last ten years he worked with academic, governmental, and private organizations, centering onknowledge ecosystems, e-learning, and Internet governance. Max holds a Ph.D. and a Master's Degree in the Information and Knowledge Society Program from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in Barcelona, as well as a Masters in Business Information Systems from the University of Applied Sciences Wildau in Berlin.

Imanol Urra

Imanol Urra holds a Telecomunications Engineering degree with majors on multimedia and sustainability. Currently is a web developer at UPC/Barcelona Tech involved in the Moodbile project: a mobile extension for the LMS Moodle. He is addicted to technology life-stream and likes to be up to date in all the things related to it. In free time he is an amateur photographer and drawer.